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Land Use
Click on the zoning map below to see a larger view.

 82nd Avenue Update - August 2016

Stop by the Jade Night Market - August 20 and 27

ODOT staff will be attending the Jade Night Market on Saturday, August 20 and Saturday, August 27 from 5 to 10 p.m. at SE Division at 82nd Avenue. Stop by to learn about the construction projects taking place on 82nd Avenue, as well as the planning project that is underway.

82nd Avenue projects - Summer construction update

Several ODOT projects are taking place on 82nd Avenue. You can learn more at 

  • NE Sandy Blvd. Safety Project: Under construction! From Jun-Sep 2016*, ODOT will upgrade the traffic signals, curb ramps & signage.
    • Expect lane closures, pedestrian detours, and noise during day and nighttime construction. 
    • Crews are currently installing electrical wiring to connect a warning sign at the top of the hill (south of Sandy Boulevard) which will alert drivers of the stop light.
    • Upcoming work includes nighttime trench digging at the intersection to install electrical wiring. 
  • Intersection Safety Project (at E Burnside, SE Stark, SE Washington, SE Yamhill, SE Mill and SE Division): Under construction! From Aug-Oct 2016*, ODOT will upgrade the traffic signals and curb ramps at these 6 intersections, plus add three new pedestrian crossings.
    • Expect lane closures, pedestrian detours, and noise during day and nighttime construction.
    • Crews are currently installing the new sidewalk curb ramps with a special "quick-cure" concrete that limits pedestrian detours. 
  • SE Duke St. Safety Project: Construction finished! ODOT completed construction on a new traffic signal, curb ramps & bus pullout. 
  • Signal Upgrades Project (at SE Foster, SE Woodstock, and SE Flavel): Design is just starting and construction is planned for early spring-fall 2018* and will upgrade the traffic signals and curb ramps at these three intersections. 
  • Lindy St. to Mt. Scott Creek Bridge Paving and Safety Project: First phase completed August 2015; second & third construction phases starting spring 2017*; will include paving, upgrades to curb ramps & limited sidewalk improvements.

* Schedule is subject to change.


Si desea obtener información sobre este proyecto traducida al español, sírvase llamar al 503-731-4128.

Nếu quý vị muốn thông tin về dự án này được dịch sang tiếng Việt, xin gọi 503-731-4128.

如果您想了解这个项目翻译成 简体中文 的相关信息,请致电 503-731-4128

Мы можем пр едоставить информацию в этой пуб ликации на русском языке. Для получения информации звоните по тел 503-731-4128.

For ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) call TTY 800-735-2900 or 7-1-1.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation informed CAN on August 15, 2016 that they were applying for a grant to make safety improvements to NE 72nd Avenue.  The grant would come from Regional Flexible Funds—Federal money administered by Metro.  The proposed improvements include:

Multi-use path on west side from Killingsworth to Sumner

Separated sidewalk and two-way bike path on west side from Sumner to Prescott

Multi-use path down center of Roseway median from Prescott to Sandy

Enhanced crossings and signal safety improvements at Alberta, Prescott, Mason, and Sandy/Fremont

 These are changes that have been sought by CAN for some years.  If the project is funded, which seems likely, construction would begin in 2020 or 2021.  At its meeting on August 16, the CAN board unanimously approved the following letter of support for the project.

August 17, 2016

To Whom it May Concern:

The Cully Association of Neighbors (CAN) is pleased to support the City of Portland application for Regional Flexible Funds for the Connected Cully Phase 2 project.  The application wisely focuses on pedestrian and bicycle safety for NE 72nd Avenue.  

NE 72nd Avenue in the Cully neighborhood is currently a narrow street with fast-moving vehicle traffic, and no pedestrian or bicycle infrastructure.  It is widely used by low-income Cully residents on foot to access the Northeast Emergency Food Program at 4800 NE 72nd and Sacajawea Headstart at 4800 NE 74th.  72nd Avenue is also the terminus of the popular Going/Alberta Street Neighborhood Greenway, requiring many bicycle riders to continue their trips sharing the travel lanes with speeding cars.

Cully is a neighborhood with many needs.  Annexed to Portland in 1985, we lack basic infrastructure that other neighborhoods take for granted—sidewalks, parks and paved streets.  As Portland’s most diverse neighborhood, with a high percentage of low-income families, Cully is unable to fund infrastructure by creating local improvement districts.  We must reach out to a variety of public and private funders to correct these historical inequities.  

CAN has sought funding for 72nd Avenue safety improvements from other sources in the past, without success. We urge you to grant funds for the much-needed Connected Cully Phase 2.


Laura Young, Chair David Sweet

For the CAN Board CAN Land Use & Transportation Chair



Application of Northwest Shingle Recyclers, LLC to operate an asphalt roofing shingle recovery facility

Notice Issued: December 29, 2014

Written comments regarding this application may be submitted through 5 p.m. January 30, 2015. Applicant: Northwest Shingle Recyclers LLC

Name and location of facility:

Northwest Shingle Recyclers-NE Site

7626 NE Killingsworth Street

Portland OR 97218


Description of facility/application

Northwest Shingle Recyclers, LLC (NSR) has submitted an application for a Metro solid waste facility license to operate a material recovery facility for roofing waste.  


If approved, NSR's license would allow the facility to accept and sort only roofing debris, such as composition roofing shingles, felt paper, nails, wood, and metal for the purpose of recovering recyclable materials.  The facility will recover composition roofing shingles for consolidation and delivery to asphalt production plants.  No other wastes will be accepted at the proposed facility.  No asbestos-containing waste will be accepted at the facility. All waste related activities will be conducted within an enclosed building.  The applicant currently operates three similar facilities within the Metro region.


Before such operations can start, NSR will need authorization from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and is required to apply for and obtain a DEQ-issued solid waste permit, a process subject to public notice and review by the state.  NSR will also need to construct a covered and enclosed building prior to commencing operations.


The site is located within a General Employment Zone (EG2h) and the proposed use is considered an industrially related use that is allowed by right in this zone by the city of Portland.  


For more information

To review the application materials, contact Barb Leslie at (503) 797-1835, or view the application online at:  


Where to send comments

Metro accepts comments by mail, fax and email.  Address comments to Will Ennis, Senior Solid Waste Planner.


Mailing address

Will Ennis, Senior Solid Waste Planner

Metro Finance and Regulatory Services

600 NE Grand Avenue 

Portland, OR 97232


E-mail address:


Fax number:         (503) 813-7544

Date:July 10,2014

To:Interested Person

From:Sylvia Cate, Land Use Services

503-823-7771 503-823-7771 /


Development has been proposed in your neighborhood. The proposed development requires a land use review. The proposal, review process, and information on how to respond to this

notice are described below. A copy of the site plan and zoning map is attached. I am the staff

person handling the case. Please call me if you have questions regarding this proposal. Please

contact the applicant if you have questions regarding any future development on the site.

Because we must publish our decision within 28 days, we need to receive your written

comments by 5 p.m. on July 31, 2014. Please mail or deliver your comments to the address

at the bottom of the page, and include the Case File Number, LU 14-139487 AD, in your letter. It also is helpful to address your letter to me, Sylvia Cate. You can also e-mail your comments to me at my e-mail address identified above.



Owner: Pyco LLC

5949 NE Cully Blvd/Portland, OR 97218-3354

Applicant: Brent Hedberg, Main Contact/Specht Development, Inc.

15325 SE Beaverton Creek CT/ Beaverton, OR 97006

Site Address: Property fronting NE Killingsworth between 75th and NE 82nd (actual address 7926 NE Killingsworth)


The applicant proposes to develop the site with a proposed new industrial service facility for

Comcast Corporation. The project will include a warehouse, fleet parking and accessory office use which will include sales, customer service and technical support functions.

Comcast will also operate a fleet of company vehicles out of the facility that will provide installation, maintenance and support services for Comcast’s operations in the eastern portion of the Portland Metropolitan Area.

The zoning code regulates the number of parking spaces for specified development;

based on the maximum allowed parking spaces, a total of 135 parking spaces are required.

The parking maximum assumes a relatively low number of employees working in large industrial buildings.


However, the applicant is requesting an Adjustment to 33.266.115.B to increase the maximumnumber of parking spaces on-site to accommodate fleet vehicle parking, which includes 21 large bucket trucks, 120 fleet vans, 20 fleet pickup trucks, 4 fleet trailers and 19 fleet pool vehicles which require a total of 184 parking spaces. Additionally there will be approximately 62 full time employees who do not drive fleet vehicles and will park their personal vehicles on site. Shift changes among employees will also cause a spike in parking demand periodically through the work day. An additional 161 full time employees will be based at this facility and will operate fleet vehicles. Therefore, the applicant requests an Adjustment to allow a total of 260 parking spaces on site.


To view the complete application and site maps go to

Public meeting January 28, 2014 for AT&T wireless antenna installation on Cully Blvd

AT&T Mobility is proposing to place wireless telecommunications antennas on a new 74-foot utility pole in the public right of way at 4734 NE Cully Boulevard. Odelia Pacific, representing AT&T, will conduct a public meeting on Tuesday, January 28, to provide information about the proposal. If you have questions or concerns about this project please bring them to this meeting.
Date—Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Time—6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Where—6025 NE Prescott Street, Grace Presbyterian Church

Cully's newest neighborhood park at NE 52nd and Alberta is about to open. Here is the Master Plan!


At the October 9th CAN meeting we heard presentations about the proposed coal transport through our area via the Columbia River.
Here is the website to the Oregon Department of State Lands where you can post comments before 5 pm, October 31st about the issue of whether to grant a permit for this coal project, or not.

First click "Add Comment."
Then click on one or more boxes. In the comment box you can submit additional comments.


Portland Metals Hearing of November 9, 2011
The City of Portland (Bureau of Development Services) hearing regarding the zoning violations associated with Portland Metals (NE 42nd and Emerson) was held this morning. Here is a brief summary of the outcome:
·It was determined that the current bankruptcy situation did not constrain the hearing officer from proceeding with an assessment of the zoning violations themselves. It may impact the ability of the City to assess liens or collect fines, but this can be address with the bankruptcy court in the future, if necessary.
·After the presentation of the case by the City and the attorney representing Portland Metals, the hearing office made the following judgment:
oThe zoning violations associated with the improper use of parking area for metal storage and processing are valid;
oPortland Metals needs to go through the appropriate land-use process if it wants to confirm the conditional-use status for the property;
oThe site needs to be cleaned up and brought into zoning compliance by December 20, 2011;
oIf the site is not cleaned up by 12/20/12, the City is authorized to complete the needed clean-up and the cost of that clean-up will be assess against Portland Metals;
oPortland Metal was authorized to have up to, but not exceeding, 4 vehicle trailers on the site during the clean-up period;
oThe City assessed Portland Metals $1,600 to recover costs associated with the case;
oNo additional civil penalties were assessed.
·During the testimony, the owner of Portland Metals said that he has closed that business as of October 1, 2011. He has not purchased any additional scrap metal and is in the process of disposing the remaining metal inventory.
·The next steps are for the site to be cleaned up; and for the City to verify that this is done by 12/20/11--and take further actions if necessary.
Thanks to all of you who attended the hearing and showed that this type of quality-of-life issue is important to our neighborhood. This is example of how the City can represent our concerns when we raise issues through the proper channels.
Bob Granger



Cully-Concordia Families Star in New Video

Children and families in the Cully-Concordia area of Northeast Portland are the subject of a new video recently posted online. For two years, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) has been collaborating with Portland Public Schools (PPS), interested community members, institutions and organizations on the Cully-Concordia Community Assessment Report and Action Plan, which was approved by Portland City Council in November 2008.
The video presents school and community partners’ perspectives on the goals of the Action Plan: making schools in Cully-Concordia the centers of community; meeting student and family needs; creating economic development opportunities, addressing the widespread deficiency of infrastructure and community facilities in the area; and building community understanding through partnerships.
The video was shown as part of a BPS staff presentation at the American Planning Association’s National Conference in Minneapolis this spring entitled “Portland’s School-Based Community Planning Approach.” Many thanks go to John Cardenas, Portland Development Commission, for video production, and PPS and Portland Community Media for video footage.

To learn more about the Cully-Condordia neighborhood and the community assessment report and action plan, go to

Columbia Biogas Good Neighbor Agreement

The good neighbor agreement between Columbia Biogas and the Cully Association of Neighbors is now posted on the CAN website with paper copies available at the CNN office located at 4415 NE 87th. A membership vote to approve the agreement will be taken at the June 14, 2011 CAN meeting. Click hereto read the agreement.


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